A flute choir with pizzazz based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Upcoming Events

Flute Cocktail Roster:

Amanda Ylvisaker
Ben Fok
Beth Grosser
Cheryl Sykora
Cindy Farrell
Deb Metz
Erin Hart
Helga Kuster
Janet Johnson
Johanna Krueger
Karalee Brunjes
Karen McGill
Kathleen Sullivan
Kay Ellickson
Linn Kezer
Kristine Klos
Renee Rein
Sharon Kapeluck
Tracy Sandberg
Yvonne Rammel

Special Appearances by:
Greg Traxler

Recent Guest Performers:
Chris Steer, piano/director

Past Guest Performers:
Aaron Brown and
Dick Reed on electric bass
Mary Alice Hutton, violin
Cynthia Mortensen, piano

Flute Cocktail was formed in 2004 as a trio of adult flute students. We have grown to a flute choir composed of 13 musicians from the Minneapolis metropolitan area who share a passionate love for the flute. Our strong desire to learn and grow musically translates into varied and dynamic performances that are dedicated to communicating our enthusiasm for music and for the flute. We are both professional and amateur musicians who represent a wide variety of occupations. our membership is multigenerational with young and young at heart playing alongside one another.

The original members were students of Cindy Farrell, a teacher at the former Minnesota Valley School of Music (MVSM) in Richfield, Minnesota. The group began expanding and performing more frequently with the assistance of co-directors Lisa Yates, Helga Kuster, Sara Harris, Carol Bros, and Beth Grosser. Johanna (Jo) Krueger assumed the Co-Director position after Beth Grosser recently stepped down from performing (though she will continue to arrange music for the group and advise with artistic direction. With the closing of MVSM in 2008, Flute Cocktail moved its base to Mount Calvary Lutheran School in Richfield, where we continue to rehearse every Saturday morning.

The “voices” that make up Flute Cocktail's delightful sound include C flutes, alto and bass flutes, piccolo, and whistles. We perform as a full choir or in smaller ensembles, enabling us to program for many types of gatherings and events. There are several competent pianists in our ranks who enable to us to perform flute choir music with piano. We also frequently utilize string or electric bass and/or percussion in our music.

Our repertoire includes works composed for flute choir as well as arrangements of classical and contemporary, folk, jazz, pop, sacred, holiday, Latin American music, musical theater, and Broadway. Flute Cocktail performs at shopping malls, schools, senior residences, churches, city parks, Upper Midwest Flute Association events, and parties, and luncheons. We specialize in audience participation concerts where all ages can move, sing, and play along with percussion instruments and manipulate props suggested by the music.

We have four performance seasons:

Winter/Spring: mid-February through April
Summer: June and July
Fall: mid-September through October
Holiday: Thanksgiving through Christmas